Parks and Visitor Facilities

Fern Ridge Reservoir has five developed recreation sites. Orchard Park and Richardson Park are located on each side of the dam on Clear Lake Road. Both provide full recreation facilities during the summer months including picnic and beach areas, swimming, boat launch and moorage sites, and restrooms.

Richardson park also has a campground that provides both primitive camping and RV hookup sites. Kirk Park is located at the west end of the dam on the north side of Clear Lake Road. The Long Tom River and Kirk pond both provide easy access sites for fishing. Picnic tables are located throughout the open parklands. Perkins Peninsula Park is located on the south side of the lake on Highway 126. This park offers boat launch facilities, picnic areas, swim beach, boardwalk nature trail, and fishing access. Zumwalt Park is more of a natural setting park located along Jeans Road on Jeans Peninsula. The south portion of this park has picnic facilities and relaxing open spaces while the northern sections have woodland trails for access to the reservoir shore.

The parks are all open daily through the summer months. During winter while the reservoir is maintained at low pool, vehicle access is limited to parking areas at gates. Walking access is allowed year-round.